Python MySql From Scratch

Python MySql From Scratch

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What you will learn

Install MySql On Windows & linux Connect Python With MySql Create DataBase From Python Code Create DataBAse tables From Python Code Insert , Update , & Delete Data From Python Code Insert & Read Images From DataBase Using Python Code Treating With Stroed Procedures From python Code Create An Excel Report For Database Data Styling Your Report


Section 1: Course Introduction

Section 2: MYSQL Operations With Python

Section 3: MySql stored procedures

Section 4: Create Excel Reports For Data

Course Description

MySql Is One Of The Most Used Database Type , In This Course We Will Know Whats Is MySql In Details And Learn How We Can Install And Configure It On Window & Linux Then We Will Learn How To Connect MySql With Python And Create Our DataBase From Python Code & Do All DataBase Operations From Python Code Like (Inserting Data And Images , Retrieving Data , Column Header , Prepared Statment , Reading Images , Update Data , Delete Data And stored procedures , Then I Will Show You How To Make Excel Reports For Database Data & Show You How To Style Your Report Who is the target audience? Any One Want To Learn How To Handle All Database Operations From Python Code