React & Django Full Stack: web app, backend API, mobile apps

React & Django Full Stack: web app, backend API, mobile apps

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What you will learn

  • Making a Single page app with React
  • Creating RESTfull API with Django
  • Mobile apps on both Android and iOS


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Django Introduction

Section 3: Django API project

Section 4: React Introduction

Section 5: React project

Section 6: React Native Introduction

Section 7: React Native project

Section 8: Deploy Apps

Course Description

React single page web app, Django 2 REST API with Python 3, React Native cross platform mobile apps for Android and iOS


  • basic knowledge of Javascript
  • basic knowledge of python


Welcome to this Full stack course. This course is mainly based on Django and React and React Native but we will cover much more than just these frameworks. We will build full applications including backend restful API, front-end web app and mobile apps on both Android and iOS.

We will discover how to make a user authentication (register and login users), how to create a full CRUD (create, read, update and delete) and how to create our own endpoints. I will show how to communicate between the API and web app. We will discover how to style the application and restrict certain parts of it to authenticated users only. All that done with very popular frameworks. We will use javascript and python languages and basic knowledge of these is required.

This course is built from two kinds of sections: First is an introduction to the framework where I explain everything from scratch, and 2nd is a hands-on section to build a ready application. After finishing this course you will have both knowledge and also experience how to build a full-stack application using Django, React and React Native.

Who this course is for:

  • beginner developers who wants to learn Django, React and React Native