Reactive Angular 2 with ngrx

Reactive Angular 2 with ngrx

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Reactive programming has affected every major modern web framework and fundamentally changed how we approach web applications. Angular 2 has embraced this brave new world and in doing so, gave us a great platform for building out functional, reactive web applications right out of the box. Add in the Redux inspired library, @ngrx/store and combine that with the power of observables and you have yourself a serious programming arsenal. Learn how to build web applications with ngrx in the reactive paradigm in this course!

This course and others like it are available as part of our Frontend Masters video subscription.

What you will learn



Section 1: The Reactive Big Picture

Section 2: Observables and RxJS

Section 3: Immutable Operations

Section 4: Reactive State

Section 5: Reactive Async & Data Models