SAP Fiori Simplified: For ABAPers

SAP Fiori Simplified: For ABAPers

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What you will learn

  • Understand the Fiori Architecture
  • Understand various Fiori concepts like OData, SPA, UI5 and Gateway
  • Get a direction on where to start Fiori learning for an ABAPer


Section 1: Overview and Architecture

Section 2: Getting Deeper

Section 3: SAP Gateway

Section 4: Comparison with ABAP

Section 5: Dissect and Debug

Section 6: Fiori development and Administration

Section 7: Process of Extending a Transactional App

Section 8: Launchpad Administration

Course Description

Specially developed crash course for ABAPers


  • Familiarity with SAP and ABAP
  • This course aims to teach Fiori to ABAPers. So as part of training, there are comparisons with the ABAP technology. So unless you are an ABAPer, this course is not suitable for you.
  • Having a Fiori system is not required, as this is a course teaching you concepts and not the coding. But if you have access to a Fiori system, it can help.
  • If you need a discount, use coupon 'LIMITED' (Limited coupons available)


If you are an ABAPer wanting to get into the Fiori bandwagon, it is not late yet. There are so many tutorials and documents available on Fiori, UI5, Gateway. But you might be wondering where to start from. You might be wondering how vast and deep this Fiori jungle is. This course aims exactly to address that need. Being an ABAPer you might get lost in the jargons involved. This course aims to teach them keeping your ABAP background in mind.

This course is not another "How to build a Fiori app?" course. Rather this aims to give you an overview of concepts and tools involved, so that you can decide where to start your learning from. Author also plans to come up with more courses, in the Fiori space and the current course will be the stepping stone for them.

So start your journey today. What are you waiting for?


Who this course is for:

  • ABAPers who are keen to upskill to Fiori
  • A methodical learner, who wants to get a solid overview of Fiori concepts before deep diving into coding