SAP : Supply Chain Logistics in R/3

SAP : Supply Chain Logistics in R/3

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What you will learn

  • Understand the core concepts of supply chain logistic

  • Execute, end to end, SAP logistic processes and transactions in SAP R/3,

  • Apply some of SAP Best Practices into the Logistic Processes

  • Configure the logistic process in SAP including modules such as SD, WM, MM, HU and Transporation

  • Build a complete end to end, integrated supply chain solution in SAP.

  • Able to display end to end integration knowledge of the SAP Supply Chain process


Section 1: Introduction to the Supply Chain

Section 2: SAP Enterprise Strucure

Section 3: Workstreams in the Supply Chain

Section 4: SAP Master Data

Section 5: SAP S/4 HANA update

Section 6: Course Exercise : Business Cases

Section 7: SAP Order Managment

Section 8: Available To Promise (ATP)

Section 9: SAP Delivery Creation

Section 10: Picking and Packing

Section 11: Transportation in SAP R/3

Section 12: Shipment Costing

Section 13: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain - Inbound Delivery

Section 14: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain - Key Performance Indicator

Section 15: Supply Chain - End to End Process

Section 16: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain - Stock Transport Order

Section 17: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain - Subcontracting

Section 18: Synergy in the Logistic Process in the Supply Chain

Section 19: Documentation

Section 20: Business case : Answers

Course Description

Master Logistic Execution, Transportation and Warehouse processes and configuration for the SAP Supply Chain in R/3


  • Have access to a SAP client


Updated in 2017 : Course updated to reflect new business partners concept in S/4 HANA

Updated in 2018 : Introduction to Shipment Cost added to the course

The course that covers the end to end Supply Chain process in SAP, and not just a course another SD or MM or WM course! SAP jobs don't stop in just one module.

Want to improve your knowledge in SAP's Supply Chain Logistics Execution? Want that role in SAP? Then this course is for you. Want to know how inbound and outbound deliveries are linked? Or how to design a cross docking solution in SAP? 

With today's growing complexity in the area of Supply Chain Logistics, having experience, expertise and knowledge in this area is essential in today's job marketplace.

That is why I am excited about this course. This course covers BOTH the business context how the process should work and how it is to be configured in SAP R/3, across the different modules in SAP. No other course will cover all of these SAP modules in this kind of scope to give you an end to end vision of how SAP Supply Chain is integrated and works.

The course will cover Supply Chain Logistic Execution topics such as :

  • Inbound deliveries, and when it the right time to use them

  • Using Sales orders to control the logistic process

  • Using the different rules for "Available to Promise"

  • How to create and use Outbound deliveries effectively.

  • Picking strategies and how they are executed in SAP

  • When to use packing.

  • Picking in SAP Warehouse Management

  • Packing in the SAP Handling Unit Management

  • What are shipments and how to use them in SAP

  • Key Performance Indicators, what are they and how to design them

  • Using Stock Transport Orders

  • The process of SAP Subcontracting,

This will cover area in the Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM) , Purchasing, Handling Unit Management and Warehouse Management (WM) modules in SAP. 

It is not just SAP details that this course will be covering, the course also covers

  • The process from the perspective of the business and users.

  • The integration and context of Supply Chain Management .

  • How to run these process in SAP and why do we execute them in a particular way.

  • SAP "Best Practice".

2017 : Course updated with real life business case to test your knowledge and understanding of the course. 

2018 : An introduction to "SAP shipment cost" lectures have been added to the course. In this in introduction to the shipment cost and not a a deepdive session, as that is a course into itself.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants further expand their knowledge into the Supply Chain area, SAP or other wise.
  • SAP consultants that want to expand their knowledge from a "single" module various other modules in the Supply Chain space.
  • Anyone that wants to understand the core concepts of the logistics in the Supply Chain, especially in SAP
  • Anyone that wants to be learn the end to end process in the supply chain in SAP, and not stop at a particular module.
  • Anyone that wants to learn how to integrate the various SAP modules into one coherent Supply Chain process.
  • SAP consultants wanting to be Solution Architects. Being able to integration the various SAP modules is key to this role.
  • Anyone applying for a SAP role or interview. Employees want to see end to end integration and business process knowledge in their candidates.