SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers

SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers

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What you will learn

What you'll learn

  • What is Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Basics of Frequency
  • Learn Different Types of Frequencies
  • Finding Frequencies of Different Wireless Devices
  • Decode Digital Data
  • Transmitting Your own Radio Station
  • Transmitting Frequencies on Different Wireless Devices
  • Sniff Data Just by Knowing their Frequencies
  • Decode Different Frequencies Encrypted Data
  • How to Hack different Wireless Devices Just by Knowing their frequencies


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 01-Requirements

Section 3: 02-Setup Lab Environment

Section 4: 03-Raspberry Pi Installation

Section 5: 04-Basics What is Frequency, Band, Amplitude

Section 6: 05-Listen Radio

Section 7: 06-Aircraft Tracking

Section 8: 07-Listen International Space Station

Section 9: 08-Wireless bell and Switch Frequency

Section 10: 09-Car remote Frequency

Section 11: 10-Transmit Radio Signals with Raspberry Pi

Section 12: 11-Decode Digital Data (Pager)

Section 13: 12-Decode DMR Data

Section 14: 13-Installing Transmitting Tool on Raspberry Pi

Section 15: 14-Wireless bell Hacking (Reply Attack)

Section 16: 15-Switch Hacking (Reply Attack)

Section 17: 16-Car Remote Hacking (Reply Attack)

Section 18: 17-Setup Hackrf one

Section 19: 18-Transmitting Data Using Raspberry Pi

Section 20: 19-GSM Sniffing

Section 21: 20-Spy on Monitor

Section 22: 21-Jamming signals

Section 23: 22-Broadcast TV

Section 24: 23-GPS Spoofing using HackRF One

Section 25: Bonus Section

Course Description

Software Defined Radio Master Series: Learn How SDR can be used in Finding Vulnerabilities in Wireless Devices


  • RTL-SDR Dongle (Find Details inside Course)
  • Raspberry PI (Find Details inside Course)


Have you ever thought of hacking your wireless doorbell, wireless switch or a car remote?


How to Sniff GSM Mobile Phone?


How to Track Aircraft without using internet?


How to broadcast your own Radio Station or TV WITHOUT using internet?

If Yes! Then this course is for YOU!

Welcome to the Amazing and wonderful world of SDR (Software Defined Radio). Fasten your seatbelts because we are going to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes in hunting for frequencies!

We will start this course with very basic and try to understand what SDR is? Then we will look into the concept of frequencies. After that will setup our lab environment for practical work. Then will start with easy concepts of listening to radio stations and tracking aircraft details without the use of internet, following this we will move to some intermediate concepts of listening to ISS (International Space Station) and scanning wireless doorbell, wireless switch and car remote frequencies then we will advance towards more complex topics which includes sniffing Pager and DMR data and how to decode it. After that we will switch gears to see how to transmit frequencies starting with broadcasting your own Radio Station. Then we will see how to hack wireless doorbell, wireless switch and car remote using Replay Attack. After that we will move to advance concept of transmitting frequencies of Pager and DMR. After that we will try to understand highly advance and more complex topics of sniffing and listening frequencies which includes GSM Sniffing and Sniffing on Monitor screens just by using RTL-SDR Dongle we will also see how to jam signals in control lab environment and broadcast TV frequency.

Who this course is for:

  • Any One Interested in Software Defined Radio
  • Any One Interested in Learning use of SDR in Security
  • Any One Interested in Learning Security of Wireless Devices
  • How Hackers can use SDR and Sniff Data
  • How Hackers can Decrypt Digital Data on SDR
  • How Hackers can Hack Any Wireless Device Just by Knowing their frequencies

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