Selenium-Java(Best for Beginner)+ Katalon Studio on Live App

Selenium-Java(Best for Beginner)+ Katalon Studio on Live App

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What you will learn

  • Complete understanding of basic to expert Java concepts with practical implementation

  • Expertise on Selenium WebDriver basics + advance concepts

  • Automate tests using Selenium WebDriver and Java

  • Can automation any real-time application and also can design framework from scratch


Section 1: Selenium Basics

Section 2: Working with Selenium IDE

Section 3: Element Locators in Selenium

Section 4: Xpath in Detail

Section 5: Java Basics

Section 6: Condition Handling, Loops and String Handling

Section 7: File Handling in Java

Section 8: Access Modifiers

Section 9: Type Casting

Section 10: Common Java Keywords

Section 11: OOPS In Detail

Section 12: Java 8 Features

Section 13: Working with Excel (Apache POI )

Section 14: JUnit in detail

Section 15: TestNG in detail

Section 16: Jump into Webdriver

Section 17: Actions Class : Work on Keyboard and Mouse Operations

Section 18: Webdriver Advance

Section 19: Exception Handling in Java

Section 20: Debugging

Section 21: Assertions

Section 22: Advance Reporting Options

Section 23: WebDriver Advance

Section 24: End to End : Data driven Framework

Section 25: Gherkin Language Basics (Pre-requisite to implement BDD in Selenium)

Section 26: End to End BDD Automation Framework

Section 27: End to End integration with Jenkins

Section 28: Selenium Interview Questions

Section 29: Setup Environment for API Testing

Section 30: Jump into Rest API Automation using Rest-Assured

Section 31: Write Rest Assured test cases - GET Method

Section 32: End to End API Automation

Course Description

Selenium Webdriver Automation Testing, BDD/ Cucumber framework, End to End integration with Jenkins, Katalon Studio


  • No programming or coding experience required
  • No automation experience is required


This course includes Selenium WebDriver Basics and Advanced, Java ConceptsTestNG FrameworkAutomation Framework Design (Page Objects, Page Factory, Data Driven, Reading Excel Files)

Best reporting tool - Advanced Reporting using ReportNG and XSLT

Parallel execution with Selenium Grid 2.0Maven Build Management, Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Code management with Git integration 

This course will take you from basic to expert level step by step, we are covering all java concepts which are required for daily selenium activities and also for preparing selenium interview

Java Basics: Variables, If-Then-Else, For loop, While loop, Arrays, Classes, Inheritance, Objects, Constructors, Methods, Working with Excel file and database

Collection API, OOPS, Properties file etc

Selenium WebDriver Basics: Commonly used methods and locator types, Id, Name, Class Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, Xpath, CSS Selector

Ajax Handling,  Multi-window handling, Actions class,  Implicit wait, Explicit wait.
After completing the course you will be able to write automated tests using selenium and java

Who this course is for:

  • Software QA and Testers who want to start a career in automation
  • Anyone who is interested in learning software test automation