Shopify Dropshipping - Scale to 7 figures with Clickfunnels!

Shopify Dropshipping - Scale to 7 figures with Clickfunnels!

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What you will learn

  • Use Clickfunnels to create very high-profit sales funnels

  • How to set up and optimize your Shopify account, and the best strategies to find winning products on AliExpress

  • A complete understanding of how to run targeted and profitable Facebook Ad Campaings

  • How to scale Facebook Ads for maximum profit

  • Exactly how to use Clickfunnels to sell products online

  • How to engineer upsells downsells and one time offers for maximum profitability

  • How to set up and connect Stripe to your Clickfunnels account

  • How to use AliExpress

  • How to use Oberlo and fulfill orders efficiently

  • Use Facebook Pixel tracking in Clickfunnels to track and optimize conversions

  • Create funnels using the Clickfunnel editor with sections, rows and elements

  • How to Receive a Free Clickfunnels T-Shirt

  • Free Done-for-you ECommerce sales funnels

  • Integrate Clickfunnels and Shopify using Zapier

  • Program you Zaps to integrate with Clickfunnels, Oberlo and Shopify

  • How to do product research and choose profitable products to dropship

  • How to collect emails in Clickfunnels

  • Design and build your own sales funnels


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: WEEK 1

Section 3: Getting Started With Shopify

Section 4: Setting Up AliExpress and Oberlo

Section 5: Finding Winning Products and Secret Product Research Hacks

Section 6: Spy on Competition for Winning Products

Section 7: Print On Demand Dropshipping

Section 8: WEEK 2

Section 9: Clickfunnels

Section 10: Opt-In Pages

Section 11: Building the Order Form Page

Section 12: Building One Time Offer Pages

Section 13: Building the Thank You/Order Confirmation Page

Section 14: WEEK 3

Section 15: Using Zapier

Section 16: Building Your Zap - Clickfunnels Steps

Section 17: Building Your Zap - Shopify Steps

Section 18: Testing Your Zap

Section 19: WEEK 4

Section 20: Facebook Business Account Setup

Section 21: Facebook Pixel Tracking

Section 22: Facebook Advertising Strategy

Section 23: Website Conversion Campaign Setup

Section 24: Page Post Engagement Campaign Setup

Section 25: Scaling Your Ads & Maximizing Profits

Section 26: Conclusion

Course Description

Complete eCommerce Training: Master Shopify, AliExpress Dropshipping, Facebook Advertising & Clickfunnels eCommerce


  • No tools necessary - software discounts provided in the course!
  • You should have a computer and access to internet.


β˜…This is the complete Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass - Learn everything you need to know from building your Shopify Store; choosing winning products on AliExpress; building product funnels with Clickfunnels from start to finish; automating orders with Zapier, and exactly how to run targeted ad campaigns to your funnels using Facebook and Instagram. This course is perfect for all skill levels, including absolute beginners. You will gain all skills necessary to build a profitable eCommerce business.


Do you know what it takes to build a profitable drop-shipping business in 2019?

ECommerce has been growing 23% year over year and it's not about to stop any time soon. While retail stores are going out of business, more and more people are shopping online. People are making TONS of money online every single day with eComm, and there's no better time to start building a eCommerce business than in 2019.

But the rules for eCommerce and drop-shipping have changed in the past few years.  Advertising costs are rising and it's just not enough to add an AliExpress product to a Shopify store, start some ads and think you are going to break even, much less rake in those massive profits that were possible a few years ago with this strategy.


In 2019, you need to know the smartest strategies for selecting winning products on AliExpress....

....You need to know Facebook advertising in and out to be able to SCALE your ads and rake in those massive profits....

....And finally, you need to know Clickfunnels - the biggest kept secret in eCommerce - this one strategy alone will make you 5x as much money per campaign because you can UPSELL and massively increase your average order value!


I see eCommerce advertisements all the time that are just running some ad straight to a product page in Shopify...where potential customers promptly get distracted or bored and simply click off of the page....

...Worse yet, a staggering 70% of the customers that actually add a product to their cart will abandon their purchase, never to visit the store again...

Too bad these stores weren't using a sales funnel!

With Clickfunnels, eCommerce ads get over 5x more conversions because they focus on a specific call to action and take advantage of psychological sales principles that practically force people to buy...

...The average order values typically double or triple with upsells, downsells, and order bumps....

...AND customer emails are collected so you can sell your customers later, without spending a DIME on advertising. 

And I am going to be teaching you exactly how to do that in this course...

....As well as automating these processes so you can spend less time on your business and make more money.


I created this course to help beginner entrepreneurs who are aware of the potential of eCommerce to provide a lifestyle of financial freedom - but who need a little guidance to build their business successfully to start seeing results FAST.

In this course, you will  learn all my secrets to success so you can crush eCommerce in 2019 and take advantage of this huge opportunity.

You'll also receive the following free for joining:

  1. 3 x Done-For-You High Converting E-Commerce Sales Funnels

  2. PLUS the E-Commerce Bonus funnel that we will build in the course!

  3. The Ad Cost Calculator tool

  4. How to Get a Free Clickfunnels #FunnelHacker T-Shirt

  5. Software discounts

This is THE MOST complete and comprehensive course that will take you from absolute beginner to profitable business with eCommerce drop-shipping!

So what are you waiting for?

Join the course to learn Shopify Drop-shipping in 2019 and start making money with eCommerce now!

....Also Note that Udemy Offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So what do you have to lose? Invest in your future today and live the life of financial freedom tomorrow.

I'll see you inside the course!

To your success!

Cheryl A. Spencer

Who this course is for:

  • People looking to make money or start a business online
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build a business from scratch and control their own income
  • People who have tried Shopify in the past and are looking for effective, current strategies to increase profitability
  • People who are interested in Clickfunnels
  • People who are looking for a proven system to succeed at dropshipping
  • People who want to learn Shopify