Social Media Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Social Media Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

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What you will learn

Learn practical methods of online marketing, applicable to any social media platform. Learn to how to successfully cross-promote between various platforms. Understand how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest algorithms to their advantage. Create a successful marketing campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest


Section 1: Marketing The fundamental

Section 2: Introduction to social media

Section 3: Facebook

Section 4: Twitter

Section 5: Instagram

Section 6: Niche Social Media sites

Section 7: Create a community

Section 8: Blogging

Section 9: Masure Evaluate and optimize your efforts

Section 10: Case study and fial assignment

Section 11: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Trust Seals, Checkout Timers and More

Section 12: Increase Your Profit Margins with this Secret Method

Section 13: An Introduction to Print on Demand Dropshipping

Section 14: Adding an App for Retargeting Campaigns

Section 15: Lead Capture and Email Marketing Systems

Section 16: Final Edits to the Store

Section 17: Facebook Ads

Section 18: Collecting Air Miles through Your New Shopify Business

Section 19: The First Sale - Proof that this Course Works!

Section 20: Tracking Your Profit and Loss

Section 21: Further Facebook Ads Training

Section 22: Bonus Material

Section 23: Penetration Testing by Kali Linux

Course Description

This course is specifically designed for creative professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to market their business through the use of social media. First I'll give you a baseline understand of the most effective social media practices that are applicable on any platform. I'll cover: Psychological aspects of social media (Exactly what is it that makes people buy what you're selling?) Creating a relatable and well-defined brand image and using that to reach your ideal target audience 10 Best Social Media Practices (These are tried and true industry tips) Scheduling, automation and saving your sanity Then we'll go further in-depth into: Facebook Understanding Algorithms Decoding Facebook Insights Tips for Effective Running Effective Ad Campaigns Methods for Increasing Quality Interaction on Facebook Posts Instagram Understanding Instagram Driving Traffic with Hashtags, Photo Tags and GeoTags Creating Free User Generated Content Feed Consistency Pinterest Understanding Pinterest Backlinking Pins (Real Time Demo) Creating The Perfect Pinterest Photo 7 Most Effective Techniques for Guaranteed Repins Twitter Understanding Twitter & It's Uses