Splunk 2019 - Beginner to Architect

Splunk 2019 - Beginner to Architect

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What you will learn

  • Build Highly Available Clustering Architectures
  • Design and Create Dashboards to detect anomalies
  • Implementing Splunk in Docker Containers
  • Troubleshooting and Industry Best Practices in Managing Splunk


Section 1: Getting Started

Section 2: Introduction to Splunk & Setting Up Labs

Section 3: Getting started with Splunk

Section 4: Splunk Architecture

Section 5: Forwarder & User Management

Section 6: Post Installation Activities

Section 7: Security Primer

Section 8: Distributed Splunk Architecture

Section 9: Indexer Clustering

Section 10: Search Head Clustering

Section 11: Advanced Splunk Concepts

Course Description

All in One Course in Mastering Splunk


  • Computer with Internet Connection


Splunk 2019 - Beginner to Architect is a course specifically designed for beginners who wants to master Splunk. 

This course starts from absolute ground up level and step by step we build our solid foundation in Splunk to master various aspects related to writing SPL queries, building dashboards, distributed splunk architectures, as well as building highly available clustered setup for Splunk.

With tons of practicals, easy to understand videos, and great Support from our Instructor in-case of doubts, this course is all you need to build solid foundation in Splunk.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who are looking to have solid foundation in Splunk.