Tableau Certified Associate in 60 Minutes

Tableau Certified Associate in 60 Minutes

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What you will learn

  • Pass the Qualified Associate Certification Exam
  • Learn how to effectively use Tableau
  • Answer Business Questions
  • Generate Insights about your data


Section 1: Tableau Videos

Section 2: Data & Exam

Section 3: Bonus Lecture: More Practice Exams & Solution Guides

Course Description

Any experience level; Take an hour to learn everything you need to know about Tableau; 36 Question Quiz Included!


  • Tableau Public
  • Know how to use a PC
  • Have a PC


This is the course I wish existed when I was preparing to pass the Tableau Certified Associate Exam. This course includes a 36 question practice quiz made up of questions you won't find anywhere else online!

Not interested in becoming certified? No problem! This course is also perfect for someone who simply wants to learn how to use Tableau quickly. You will be a proficient user at the end of the course and be able to answer real world business questions and generate valuable insights.

Note: This is a fast paced course, I do not spend entire videos covering simple math concepts (What is an Average, What % of Total means etc.), like other courses do - if you like to learn at a very slow pace, other beginner Tableau courses might be better for you. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to take the Tableau Qualified Associate Certification Exam
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Tableau