The Business Bootstrap Guide

The Business Bootstrap Guide

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What you will learn

Identify low-risk business ideas Take meaningful steps to launch the business of choice for less than $500 in start-up costs


Section 1: Introduction to The Bootstrap Guide

Section 2: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #1 | Staffing & Recruiting -- Employment Agency

Section 3: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #2 | Moving Company -- Relocation, Hauling & Junk Removal

Section 4: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #3 | Reselling -- Amazon FBA & Craigslist Flipping

Section 5: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #4 | Freelancing -- Getting Paid for Your Time and Skills

Section 6: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #5 | Laundry Service -- Outsourced Washing & Folding

Section 7: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #6 | Cleaning / Detailing -- Residential, Commercial, Automotive

Section 8: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #7 | Grocery Delivery -- Shopping for those who can't or don't

Section 9: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #8 | Affiliate Marketing -- Selling for Others Online

Section 10: BOOTSTRAP IDEA #9| Online Courses -- Get Paid for Your Expertise

Course Description

11 Launch Blueprints for Businesses You Can Start Without Investment Get the inside scoop on what it takes to start-up a new business from scratch for minimal investment! Do you need a realistic business idea you can start-up for very little investment? Do you wish you could hit the ground running with the step-by-step launch strategy? Are you trying to create ongoing passive income that can support a flexible (and adventurous) lifestyle? Do you want the step-by-step action plan for launching and making money right away? Do you want to know the inside scoop on costs, what to invest in, market timing, possible downside and how to avoid risk? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the perfect course for you. This course will help you develop an action plan for launching your business. It will help you to feel more confident about where to invest your time. Most of all, it gives you the opportunity to learn from the experience of an instructor who has bootstrapped and sold multiple 7 figure companies. Learn from a seasoned entrepreneur! Ryan Lecour started his entrepreneurial journey in staffing & recruiting by founding multiple staffing & recruiting businesses. He founded LyrGroup Staffing and grew the business to $2.6 Million in the first year. He's learned many tips and tricks over the years that have helped him be successful. Since then, he has also bootstrapped multiple successful ventures directly related to the content of this course. The wisdom and lessons from those experiences are introduced here! Enroll now to access bootstrapped business profits! Who is the target audience? People who are interested in low-risk high-yield start-up opportunities