The Complete Ethical Hacking Course for 2016/2017!

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course for 2016/2017!

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What you will learn

Get started using Fedora (Linux) Understand the basics of terminal Troubleshoot networks using Wireshark Stay anonymous online Set up a VPN server Hack wireless networks Crack passwords and encryption using HashCat Clone websites Protect & defend your own network Learn how to deploy a keylogger from a USB: Works out of the box for Windows 7 8 8.1 and 10


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Setup

Section 3: Anonymity Online

Section 4: Wireless

Section 5: Site Cloning

Section 6: Bitsquatting

Section 7: Bad USB (USB Keylogger Deployment)

Section 8: Setting up Windows Virtual Machine

Section 9: Server Setup

Section 10: Arduino USB Programming

Section 11: Windows Scripts

Section 12: Decryption for the Keylogger Files

Section 13: Live Demo

Section 14: Chapter Recap

Section 15: Game Hacking Announcement

Section 16: Data Dictionary

Course Description

If you want to get started as an ethical hacker, learn how network security professionals protect their systems, or take your IT career to the next level you are going to LOVE this course! This course is a sequel to The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced! which over 50,000 students have taken, and was at one point the most popular ethical hacking course in the world! Join us now and receive over 80 lectures & 15 hours of HD video, and 1 on 1 assistance from experienced network security professionals! We will cover the following topics in this course: Introduction to ethical hacking Linux installation, terminal basics, and Wireshark Setup Staying anonymous online, proxy servers, and accessing the dark side of the internet using TOR Aircrack-ng, HashCat, and wifi hacking Defending your own networks from attacks Cloning websites Arduino USB keylogger that works out of the box for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 Windows power shell scripting This course will receive monthly updates based on students requests, and our goal is to make this the #1 network security course online! DISCLAIMER The attacks demonstrated in this course can cause serious damage and are only shown for educational purposes. The intent of this course is to give you the tools to defend your own networks, share skills that are valuable to companies all over the world, and help you to better understand the challenges that information security professionals face on a daily basis. English & Spanish subtitles available. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you in the course! Who is the target audience? This course was designed for students in the IT/Network Security field No previous experience is required