The Essential Kotlin Programming Course (Android Developers)

The Essential Kotlin Programming Course (Android Developers)

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What you will learn

Understand all concepts of the Kotlin Programming Language Learn Object-Oriented Programming Concepts Understand the relationship between Kotlin and Java Understand the best approaches for utilizing Kotlin in Android Create your first Android Application using Kotlin Learn the concept of Lambdas and High Order Functions Understand the importance of Extension Functions Learn about the Kotlin Standard Library Understand how Kotlin is a Null Safe Language Learn how to use the Collection Classes in Kotlin Understand the use of Generics in the Kotlin Programming Language Develop the Skills necessary to utilize the IntelliJ and Android Studio IDE's to create Kotlin applications Understand the importance of a Statically Typed Language and Type Inference


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Installing the Required Software

Section 3: Starting to Write Code

Section 4: Miscellaneous

Section 5: Variables and Data Types

Section 6: Operators

Section 7: Nullability

Section 8: Control Flow

Section 9: Functions

Section 10: Standard Library Functions

Section 11: Operator Overloading

Section 12: Lambda Expressions

Section 13: Object Oriented Concepts

Section 14: Object Oriented Programming in Kotlin

Section 15: Exceptions

Section 16: Collections

Section 17: Generics

Section 18: Reflection (coming soon)

Section 19: Annotations

Section 20: Starting to Write Code (Kotlin on Android)

Section 21: Wrapping Up

Course Description

A deep dive exploring the Kotlin Programming Language Students will learn all aspects of the Kotlin Programming Language. They will also understand how to apply this knowledge to more effectively write Android applications. This class does not focus on the server side programming aspects of Kotlin. This class does not focus on Android programming. This class focuses on the Kotlin Programming Language and the advantages of using Kotlin when writing Android applications. You will learn how to effectively use this language to make programming fun and interesting in Android. I will cover every concept in the Kotlin language and provide exercises to help you learn the language. This course is a deep dive into the Kotlin language, it does not just cover the basics. By the end of this course you will fully understand the Kotlin langauge and how to use it to write Android applications. If you have previously used Kotlin on an Android platform, I'm sure this course will deepen your understanding of it. If you have never used it, no problem, you will see that it can help you become a more efficient Android developer. Throughout the course, you can always contact me personally to get help when you're stuck. I check the discussions regularly to help you at every step along the way. Lastly, this course is constantly updated and refined based on student feedback. I really appreciate each and every of my students so I listen to your feedback and act on it. Who this course is for: This course is for anyone who would like to fully understand the concepts of the Kotlin Programming Language This course is for anyone who would like to create android mobile applications using the Kotlin Programming Language