The Information Security Big Picture - Pluralsight

The Information Security Big Picture - Pluralsight

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Course Description

Security is an essential part of everyday life, from how you create accounts on websites, to how you use your mobile devices, to the activities you perform behind the corporate firewall. However, major information security incidents have become an everyday occurrence that are only growing in scale and impact. This course, The Information Security Big Picture, presents a raft of security fundamentals and sets forth to distill many of the common myths people believe in that frequently put them at greater risk. You'll start by looking at some of the problems we're facing in the industry and why everyone needs to have the security discussion. You'll then go over some of the misconceptions that tend to be repeated time and time again. You'll also go over some of the problems with passwords, how you can mitigate the risks and what long-accepted password "truth" is now being approached differently. After completing this evidence-based approach to security, you should have a firm grasp of the

essentials of infosec today.

What you will learn

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. He's a regular conference speaker, frequent blogger at and is the creator of the data breach notification service known as “Have I Been Pwned”.


Section 1: Course Overview

Section 2: Here's Why We Need to Talk About Security

Section 3: The Soft Center Within Our Networks

Section 4: The Security Lies We Tell Ourselves

Section 5: The Problems (and Solutions) with Mobile Devices

Section 6: What People Just Don't Understand About the Web

Section 7: The Painful Truths About Passwords and Authentication