Theory of Computation : Become a master of DFA

Theory of Computation : Become a master of DFA

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What you will learn

What you'll learn

  • You will become a master of Determinisitic Finite Automata
  • You will understand the basics of Theory of Computation indepth
  • You will master Finite Automata of Theory of Computation
  • You will view Computer Science in a different dimension
  • You will be able to answer all questions of exams like GATE,PGEE,ISRO on DFA
  • Understand Why we study theory of computation
  • You will get ready to learn advanced concepts of theory of computation like Push Down Automata
  • You will get a very good understanding the basics of computer science


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Introduction to Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA)

Section 3: DFA based on length of string

Section 4: DFA based on modulo operator

Section 5: DFA based on number of instances of a symbol in a string

Section 6: DFA based on number of instances of a symbol modulo n

Section 7: DFA based on cartesian product

Section 8: DFA based on Interpretation of a string as a binary number

Section 9: DFA based on start symbol, end symbol and substring

Section 10: Complementation

Section 11: Advanced DFA's

Section 12: Operations between languages

Course Description

Master Deterministic Finite Automata of Theory of Computation as Theory of Computation forms core of computer science


  • Have a PC with internet connection
  • Even ZERO knowledge in Theory of Computation is fine - I'll teach you everything you need to know about DFA


Welcome to the course Theory of Computation from Scratch !!! 

Mastering the concepts of Theory of Computation is very important to get started with Computer Science because Theory of Computation is the subject using which one can know whether a problem is solvable or not. The concepts which we are going to study is going to give a very good understanding of Deterministic Finite Automata, which is one of the popular machine and learning it will give a very good foundation to learn advanced concepts of automata like Push Down Automata, Turing Machine.

In this course ,every model of Deterministic Finite Automata is taught in an easy-to-understand manner such that anybody without any prerequisites will be able to master the concepts of Deterministic Finite Automata in the easiest way.

Come and join me, I assure you that you will have the best learning experience of not just Finite Automata but also the core of Computer Science in a different dimension.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who needs to learn Theory of Computation from scratch
  • Anybody who wants to pursue a career in Computer Science
  • Anybody who has Theory of Computation in the Bachelor's degree
  • Anybody who is preparing for interview in product based companies
  • If you are preparing for exams like GATE , PGEE , BITS HD , ISRO ,..etc
  • If you are a Computer Science Engineer

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