Two popular tools -Easily Learn to work with Redis,Vagrant

Two popular tools -Easily Learn to work with Redis,Vagrant

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What you will learn

  • Successfully work on Vagrant and Redis.

  • Understand the key concepts in Vagrant and Redis

  • Importance of Vagrant and Redis


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Redis - Lets understand the KEY Basics

Section 3: Redis Data types - The Most Important Topic

Section 4: Redis the Three Advanced but easy topics - Transaction , PubSub,Mass Insertion

Section 5: Redis & Other Programming Languages - Python, Java , Nodejs

Section 6: Redis - Bonus Section , Interesting Ones. Dont Miss them

Section 7: Let us Love Vagrant -The Basics of the portable machine

Section 8: Vagrant - Learn How to work in Mac and Windows

Section 9: Vagrant Bonus section - The Very useful Vagrant Manager

Course Description

Redis, Vagrant - Learn Two topics in one course. Redis, Vagrant is top-rated popular tools among Enterprises & Developers


  • Basic Development Experience is Preferred.
  • Basic Know how of Linux , Databases is Preferred


The course is updated bi weekly,Has more than 50+ practical Interview Questions, 50 Quiz Questions, 15+ Important assignments.

Redis - Worlds Top Ranked Nosql Key value Database - Will take just 20 minutes to start working with it comfortably.

Search for the famous DB-Engines Ranking

Search for the companies using Redis

Search for the companies using Vagrant

Redis has seen 350% record breaking growth among Enterprises. It is replacing and going to replace most traditional databases,pub-sub systems,Document stores , mainly due to its lightning speed as its a in-memory database.

Vagrant is a well established 7+ years old tool, hugely popular among developers ,mainly due to its easiness, as it provides a completely portable development environment. Projects can be executed in ease using vagrant.. 

I'm sure that you will love these tools as they will be very helpful in career and in your work environment.

Above every other reasons out there, Redis and Vagrant are truly interesting tools for those who love their software profession.

This course is intended for beginners .At the end of the course , I'm very confident that you will be able to work with Redis and Vagrant with Confidence and clarity.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in Redis
  • Beginner in Vagrant
  • Anyone wants to upgrade their career
  • Anyone interested in knowing about tools used by enterprises