UI UX Design Hybrid Course — Master Web Development with CSS

UI UX Design Hybrid Course — Master Web Development with CSS

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What you will learn

What you'll learn

  • Transform Photoshop into HTML and CSS by creating a responsive UI prototype
  • Build 10 creative coding projects and add them to your portfolio
  • Learn about User Experience Design and Human Behavior fundamentals
  • Morph SVG and Vector Graphic Design with vanilla JavaScript
  • Create complex Web Design layouts using pure CSS Grid and Flexbox
  • Master User Interface principles and the science behind Color Theory


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: User Experience Design

Section 3: User Interface Design

Section 4: Color Theory

Section 5: Typography

Section 6: HTML

Section 7: CSS 101

Section 8: CSS 201

Section 9: CSS 301

Section 10: CSS Grid and Flexbox

Section 11: SVG

Section 12: JavaScript

Section 13: JavaScript DOM

Section 14: 10 Projects

Section 15: Photoshop to CSS Project

Course Description

Bring your Web Design ideas to life with the knowledge of UI UX Design, Web Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG


  • No HTML, CSS, JavaScript knowledge needed
  • No prior UX knowledge needed


I just added a New Photoshop to CSS project to this course. In this new project we take a Photoshop file, and turn into HTML and CSS.

  1. We learn everything on how to transform a Photoshop file into a fully responsive UI Prototype
  2. We create HTML and CSS for our Photoshop design
  3. We combine the Design World with Coding World together

I teach everything from early stage of UX research into finalized coding projects with every line of code explained

  • Become a UX Developer
  • Download over 150 coding files
  • Download over 350 slides of design & development as your reference guide

Learn everything about JavaScript and CSS from scratch

  • Export SVG code using Figma and Adobe Illustrator and Morph SVG with pure vanilla JavaScript
  • Trigger JavaScript DOM events and control CSS animations with JavaScript
  • Learn interaction design with CSS Transitions and Animation

Learn fundamental of UI and combine it with CSS

  • Apply the knowledge of Color Theory to your User Interface Designs
  • Master the Art of Typography and Build responsive landing page
  • Break the grid rules and develop web layouts using CSS Grid & Flexbox

Who this course is for:

  • Web Developer who want understand UX
  • UI Developer who want to develop from like UX Designers
  • UX Designers who want to learn how to code
  • Visual Designer who want to combine coding and UX
  • Graphic Designer who want to know how to bring their vector graphic artworks to life

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