Ultimate Wi Fi Hacking & Security Series 2018

Ultimate Wi Fi Hacking & Security Series 2018

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What you will learn

How to hack WEP, WPA Wi-Fi networks. Creating Fake hotspots, do Denial of Service Attacks against wireless networks Analyze Wi-Fi networks for vulnerabilities Protect their own Wi-Fi from Hackers Learn some cool tricks to impress your friends!!


Section 1: Setting up Hacking Lab

Section 2: SSID

Section 3: Mac Filtering

Section 4: WEP Hacking

Section 5: WPA Hacking

Section 6: Some More Cool Tricks

Section 7: What's Next for Future

Course Description

Wireless networks are popping up everywhere.. It will be the most commonly used technology among computer networks in the near future. They provide a lot of freedom but not without cost: All too many home and corporate wireless networks are left wide open for attack. This course takes an in-depth look at the security challenges of many different wireless technologies, exposing you to wireless security threats through the eyes of an attacker. Using readily available and custom-developed tools, you will navigate your way through the techniques attackers use to exploit Wi-Fi networks, including attacks against WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPS and other systems. Using assessment and analysis techniques, this course will show you how to identify the threats that expose wireless technology and build on this knowledge to implement defensive techniques that can be used to protect wireless systems. In this course we teach everything fromscratchandno pre-existing knowledgeis needed. So as long as you have a working internet connection, a wireless router and a computer/laptop you are good to go. With 25 modules for this course and Challenge Assignments for topics, we make sure you understand the topic from the ground up to the deep packet level. Who is the target audience? This Hacking & Security course is meant for anyone who would like to learn how to SECURE their Wi-Fi network. Further, we also cover the essential HACKING aspects of it, as it is needed to properly understand the security part. This is a beginner level course, and more advanced concepts like Firewalls, IDS and WLAN Man-in-the-Middle Attacks are NOT covered.