Web Scraping in Nodejs

Web Scraping in Nodejs

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What you will learn

  • Be able to scrape jobs from a page on Craigslist
  • Learn how to use Request
  • Learn how to use NightmareJS
  • Learn how to use Puppeteer
  • Learn how to scrape elements without any identifiable classes or id's
  • Learn how to save scraping data to CSV
  • Learn how to save scraping data to MongoDb
  • Learn how to scrape Facebook using only Request!
  • Learn how you can reverse engineer sites and find hidden API's!
  • Learn different technologies used for scraping, and when it's best to use them
  • Learn how to scrape sites using authentication


Section 1: Required Software

Section 2: What you should ALWAYS check before even writing a web scraper!

Section 3: Intro to CSS selectors and tools we use for scraping

Section 4: Web Scraping Craigslist Jobs using Nodejs Request

Section 5: Exporting web scraping results to CSV

Section 6: Handling Network Problems

Section 7: Scraping Sites with Pagination

Section 8: Scraping Sites with Authentication

Section 9: Scraping Nordstrom.com - how to find a secret API and avoid building a scraper!

Section 10: Scraping Imdb using NightmareJs

Section 11: Scraping AirBnb using Puppeteer

Section 12: Architecture for web scraper with an API

Section 13: Saving scraping data to MongoDB

Section 14: Deploying a periodic scraper to production

Section 15: BONUS: GraphQL Introduction

Section 16: Scraping a infinite scrolling page (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)

Section 17: SECRET BACKDOOR to Scraping Facebook without JavaScript enabled!

Course Description

Learn web scraping in Nodejs by example projects with real websites! Craiglist, iMDB, AirBnB and more!


  • Basic HTML
  • Basic jQuery
  • Basic Nodejs


In this course you will learn how to scrape a websites, with practical examples on real websites using Nodejs RequestCheerioNightmareJs and Puppeteer. You will be using the newest JavaScript ES7 syntax with async/await.

You will learn how to scrape a Craigslist website for software engineering jobs, using Nodejs Request and Cheerio. You will be using the newest JavaScript ES7 syntax with async/await.

You will then learn how to scrape more advanced websites that require JavaScript such as iMDB and AirBnB using NighmareJs and Puppeteer.

I'm gong to also show you with a practical real-life website, how you can even avoid wasting time on creating a web scraper in the first place, by reverse engineering websites and finding their hidden API's!

Learn how to avoid being blocked from websites when developing out your scraper, by building out the scraper in a test-driven way with mocked html, rather than hitting the website every time as you're debugging and developing it. You'll also learn what you can do if you're blocked and your alternatives to get your scraper up and running regardless!

You will also learn how to scrape on a server with a bad connection, or even if you have a bad connection.

You'll even learn how to save your results to a CSV file and MongoDB!

How do you build a scraper that scrapes every 1 hour (or other interval), and deploy it do a cloud host like Heroku or Google Cloud? Let me show you, quick and easy!

How do you scrape a site requiring passwords? I'm going to show you that too with a real website (Craigslist)!

How do you serve your scraping results in a REST API with Nodejs Express? And how can we build a React frontend that's showing the results? You'll learn that too, in the quickest and simplest way possible!

Plus, a section covering how to make a basic GraphQL API is included in the course.

As a last cherry on the top, I have a section containing a secret backdoor showing you how to scrape Facebook using only Request!

If you have issues regarding a site you're trying to scrape yourself, it's totally okay to reach out to me for some help. I'd be happy to point you in the right direction! Whatever issues my students are facing, I use that to expand on my course!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to scrape web sites using Nodejs!