Website Traffic Without SEO: 3 Traffic Boosting Case Studies

Website Traffic Without SEO: 3 Traffic Boosting Case Studies

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What you will learn

  • Identify who their target audience is and where to find them

  • Establish realistic website traffic goals

  • Create a traffic generation marketing plan from scratch

  • Identify & prioritize the best traffic generation strategies to target

  • Implement many new traffic generation strategies to boost website traffic and revenue

  • Know how to find new opportunities for marketing

  • Understand how to outsource all or part of the traffic generation process


Section 1: Website Traffic Generation: What to Expect

Section 2: Creating a Specific & Actionable Traffic Generation Plan

Section 3: Implementing Your Traffic Plan

Section 4: Website Traffic Generation: Case Study #1

Section 5: Website Traffic Generation: Case Study #2

Section 6: Website Traffic Generation: Case Study #3

Section 7: Using Content Creation & Marketing to Drive Website Traffic

Section 8: Multiple Options for Using Social Media to Drive Website Traffic

Section 9: Using The Power of Relationships & Partnerships to Drive Website Traffic (Even I

Section 10: Bonus Methods for Generating Website Traffic

Section 11: Driving Website Traffic With Paid Advertising

Section 12: Pulling Your Website Traffic Generation Plan Together

Course Description

Learn the exact steps required to drive traffic to any website while watching 3 new websites grow traffic & get results


  • A website to promote (even with absolutely no traffic)
  • Be able to follow instructions
  • Be willing to invest 15-60 minutes per day to implement (or a few hours per week) to implement traffic generation strategies
  • No prior experience or knowledge is required


When you're starting a new online venture, it's a very exciting time. It's easy to feel motivated as you're setting up your site and preparing for the massive growth you're about to have but when it comes to actually getting visitors to your site you feel stuck. 

You could go the SEO route and spend months working hard to rank your website highly in search engines but what about now? 

What if you don't want to wait or what if SEO isn't the best plan for your site?

Well, you don't have to wait. There are so many strategies you can use to generate targeted traffic to a website. And that's exactly what we focus on in this course so here's how we're going to do that.

The key here is to create a strategic and specific plan that is unique to the website you're working on. No one size fits all approach here

So here we look at the exact steps you need to take to create your master traffic plan and then exactly how to implement it so you receive the traffic and income you want from the website.

We're going to do this by:

  • determining how to set-up your plan for success
  • the specific website traffic generation strategies to use
  • what strategies work best for different types of sites 


Then I'm going to walk you step-by-step through the traffic generation process using three real case studies. So here I'm taking 3 brand new sites (no traffic at all) that are all different in nature and I'll let you look over my shoulder as I create each site's unique traffic generation strategy plan. Then once that plan is in place, you can watch as I actually implement the plan and see real traffic results.

Here I'll be working on the site's one at a time (as focusing on one is the best for results). As each site grows I will share the results with you along with what's working, what's not and how I plan to scale the site's growth even further. Then we'll continue on to the next case studies.


As a part of this course you will also gain instant access to a variety of invaluable resources including:

  • Website Traffic Generation Strategies & Resource List
  • Specific search queries for finding new traffic generation opportunities
  • List of websites, resources and tools you can use
  • Marketing strategy templates
  • Website Traffic Generation & Revenue Goal Tracking Sheet
  • and lots more in the dedicated documents & resources section


Now, As part of this course I expect for you to not only learn but I expect for you to begin taking action by creating your traffic generation plan as you go through the course and begin implementing it so you will see results.

I am active inside this course and I'm available so you can ask questions as you learn, plan and implement. So if you're not sure how to move forward or you get stuck along the way, ask questions and get feedback so you keep the results coming in.  You really have no excuse for not seeing results.

Now that you know exactly what you can expect from spending your time with me here, let's start taking action together. 

Come join me now.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to grow their website traffic
  • Anyone who wants to grow their site's revenue by reaching a new audience
  • Anyone who wants to provide digital marketing services to clients
  • Anyone who is willing to take the action steps provided to see results